Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SEO Tools and Descriptions - Google SEO Share

If you are looking for what tools you're going to use for your SEO, you could see those tools here. All the tools and sites that an Internet Marketer and blogger use for SEO are listed here with some descriptions of the said tools.

Keyword Finding Tools
  1. Adwords - This tool is owned by Google in which you can use to find a good keyword for your blog. Most people use this tool in searching keywords.
  2. Google Trends - In here, you could check here if the keywords that you will use are still in trends(topics/discussions that is most searched by people in the search engines).
  3. Google Insights - With this tool, you may compare which of the keywords you found from Adwords could give good traffic for your website/blog.
  4. Market Samurai - This tool is also used for keyword researching but you are unable to use this unless you pay to let you access the site (Note: Paid tools are more useful than free).

Search Engines
  1. Google - This is the most commonly used search engine by people in world wide web.
  2. Yahoo! - This is also one of the popular search engines in the internet.
  3. Bing - This is a search engine not as popular as Yahoo! and Google, however, it is also used by some users in the internet. The webmaster tool of it was combined with Yahoo! for a good service to all webmasters.
  4. - Same as Bing.
In search engines, you can put your blog on all of these search engines, however you have to choose which of these search engines you want to start your SEO. You can put your blog or site on their search results page by submitting those to the Webmaster Tools of those search engines.

Social Media Syndicating Tool
  1. Facebook - Syndicate your blog by making Facebook friends or other users to like/recommend your site and sharing it with their friends.
  2. Twitter - Tweet your blog/site and make your followers and other Twitter users retweet your tweets.
  3. Pinterest - Pin all the images/photos of your blog and syndicate it with other users by Repinning those.
  4. Google - Syndicate your blog with other users by making them hit the G+ button of your blogposts, making them join to your blogger blog(Google Friend Connect), and sharing your blog's content with Google+ users.
  5. LinkedIn - Syndicate your site by sharing the links of it with other users in LinkedIn.
  6. StumbleUpon -Syndicate your blog by making StumbleUpon users hit "I like it" button to add your blog to the list of their favorites.
  7. Youtube -Syndicate the videos of your blog by letting viewers hit the youtube like button and putting your link on the description to let them know your site.
  8. Networkedblog - Ask your friends or other users from networkedblog to follow your blog.
That's all for now. If you have any questions or concerns about on the SEO you are doing, feel free to email me. Just go to the Contact Us page and send to me your message there.
Happy SEO Everyone!

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