Monday, July 30, 2012

Do-follow and No-follow Links - Google SEO Share

Are you getting confused of what Do-follow links and No-follow links are? What can they do for your SEO? And how to use these links for your SEO?

Do-follow are links that allows the search engines bot to crawl and No-follow links are the links that prevents the search engines to crawl at those links.

How to use Blogroll? - Google SEO Share

Have you ever wonder what is Blogroll and what are its use on doing SEO? Actually this feature has nothing to do with you for SEO but it is useful for other bloggers because if you have a high page rank blog and you have blogroll in it, they'll ask you to put their blog on your blogroll so their blog will be featured in your blog. You can use blogroll as list of favorites. Like for example, you have a favorite site. You could list them in your blogroll so when you want to go to your favorite site, you could simply click the link that is in your blogroll and take you there. You could also use blogroll to list all of the site you have in the internet and those sites will get traffic as your blog gets.

Monday, July 23, 2012

What are Good Keywords? - Google SEO Share

Are you wondering why sites or blogs need to have keywords for search engines? What things are required to get a good keyword? What are the qualities of a good keyword? And how will you determine if the keyword you found was a good keyword?