Monday, July 30, 2012

How to use Blogroll? - Google SEO Share

Have you ever wonder what is Blogroll and what are its use on doing SEO? Actually this feature has nothing to do with you for SEO but it is useful for other bloggers because if you have a high page rank blog and you have blogroll in it, they'll ask you to put their blog on your blogroll so their blog will be featured in your blog. You can use blogroll as list of favorites. Like for example, you have a favorite site. You could list them in your blogroll so when you want to go to your favorite site, you could simply click the link that is in your blogroll and take you there. You could also use blogroll to list all of the site you have in the internet and those sites will get traffic as your blog gets.

Some people buy blogrolls from the owner of a high page rank blog to put their links on it and get also page rank like other popular sites does. This practice is also called Blackhat. You can do this practice but don't make it a hobby like always buying blogroll links from other blogs just to get your site in the search. Just remember "once is enough, two is too much!". Too much of links you put on your blog may spill many link juices that could lessen the traffic going to your blog or site.

Link juices are those traffics that a blog or website has everyday. For example, there are two people, person1 and person2. lets consider them as blogs/sites. person1 has a bottle with juice which can be considered as blogroll and the juice in it can be considered as the link juice or the traffic of person1. And person2 is the site with no/less traffic. person2 is thirsty and asks person2 to drink the juice which person1 is drinking. If person1 shares his juice with person2, then person2 could drink the juice(or get traffic) from person1. And if many people ask also to drink with person1's juice, then the person1's juice might run out and all those people might be relieve from thirst while person1 is thirsty.

So if you want to help a friend on getting traffic, then go ahead and help them. But also give some help for yourself so your site will not get out of the rank.

That's all for now. I'm hoping that you got a bit idea of what blogrolls are for.
Happy SEO Everyone!

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