Monday, July 23, 2012

What are Good Keywords? - Google SEO Share

Are you wondering why sites or blogs need to have keywords for search engines? What things are required to get a good keyword? What are the qualities of a good keyword? And how will you determine if the keyword you found was a good keyword?

First, let us define what is keyword? As you know, keyword is not just one word. It can also be a phrase which contains of 2-3 words. Keyword identifies of what things you are pointing out. Keyword reveals the internal structure of your content and gives a few hints of what people will going to read with the articles you made. Search engines use keywords to identify or determine which sites are they going to display in their search results page. Internet nowadays are useful because of the wide information that people can get from there and most people use search engines like Google to look for the answers to their questions. That's why all internet marketers and bloggers are searching for good keywords and doing SEO to obtain lots of visitors or customers to their sites. 

Finding a good keyword is a tough job but worth doing because of the benefits you can get after you find the keyword which can help you become a successful blogger or site owner.

To find keywords that you can put on your blog or site and use at SEO, there is a tool called Adwords. Adwords is a keyword tool that gives you keyword ideas and suggestions when you are searching for words by which most people are typing on the search box of the search engines. There are also other keyword tool that could enable you to find keywords which fits to your site and could bring you tons of visitors on your blog or site.

Some keywords are saturated, meaning many people have use that keyword and because of it, bloggers will never make their blog better and not be able to search on the search engines that easy. One of those most used keywords is "earn money online". You better find a good niche for your blog if you want to avoid those saturated keywords and get a good result in doing SEO.

Good keywords are quality keywords. Those keywords have high volume of searches but with low level of competition. If you found a good keyword and put it on your blog or site, it will not take effect easily for the keywords to work. You should give time for the keywords to be indexed by the search engines and be display in the search results page when they type the keyword you chose.

If you want to do a keyword research and find a keywords that you can put to your blog or site, here are some steps on how to use the keyword tool. In here, the keyword tool that I'm going to teach you how to use is the Google Adwords. It's up to you to try and use a different keyword tool, however for me, I'm comfortable with Adwords. Now, here are the steps:
  1. Go to keyword tool ( or any Keyword Tool that you know).

  2. Uncheck the Broad and put check on the "Phrase" checkbox under Match Types category (You could skip this step and go to the next step if you want to).

  3. Click the "Advanced Options and Filters" link and the options and filters will appear under the link.

  4. In the "Filter ideas" option, choose "Global Monthly Searches", ">=", and input "1500" next to the relational operator symbols then after that, click the "+ Add another" link and choose again "Global Monthly Searches", then next to it is "<=", then input "8000" next to those symbols again. This is needed to ensure that the keywords that Adwords will provide you is not going to be less than 1500 and not be greater than 8000 of global monthly search volume.

  5. In the "Word or phrase" textbox, input the topic or word which your blog aims to discuss (do brainstorming to know which word you can input so the keyword tool could provide accurate keywords that is going to be useful for your blog/website).
  6. type the characters that appears in the image of captcha (If you are not logged in to your google account).
  7. Click the "Search" button and the keywords/keyword phrases that the keyword tool suggests will be listed and appear on bottom part of the page.
  8. After the keyword tool listed all the suggested keywords/keyword phrases, look for the keywords which could give your blog the potential to be searched in the search engine and by doing that copy the said keyword and go to the search engine (
  9. Paste the keyword/keyword phrase you picked from the keyword tool and put quotation mark (") on the sides of the keyword to the google search bar like in the image below:
  10. If the keyword has a competition of lets say above 50,000. Go back to step #8 and do it until you find the keywords with a low competition. If you can't find a keyword with competition less than or equal to 50,000, then find and copy the keyword that seems to fit on your niche and paste it on the "Word or phrase" textbox. After that, go back to step #7.

That's all the steps in finding good keywords, I hope that this information helps you do keyword researching and know more what can keywords you should use for your blog/site.

Happy SEO Everyone!


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