Monday, July 30, 2012

Do-follow and No-follow Links - Google SEO Share

Are you getting confused of what Do-follow links and No-follow links are? What can they do for your SEO? And how to use these links for your SEO?

Do-follow are links that allows the search engines bot to crawl and No-follow links are the links that prevents the search engines to crawl at those links.

If you're going to use the Do-follow link with other sites or blog, make sure that the site where you will put this link gives you the authority to put your link with them and if someone wants to link with your site, you should know who is that person and what link he/she will put on your blog or website. If that person is your friend and you trust him/her most, you can let him/her put his/her link to your blog so he/she could earn traffic as much as you. However, he/she should post the link containing content which is related to what niche your blog targets. You cannot let him/her put any link that doesn't give any relevance to your readers. If you're blog or site has less traffic and you have a friend with blog which has a good amount of traffic also with the same niche as your blog, you could ask him/her if you could put a Do-follow link to his/her blog and its up to him/her if he/she will give you the authority to put your link in his/her blog.

You could use a No-follow link on sites which don't permits link to be Do-follow like twitter. You may get traffic with this link, however, your blog or site's rank will still be the same.

That's all for now. I hope you know now what, where, when, and how you could use your Do-follow and No-follow links.
Happy SEO Everyone!

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