Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to Make a Blog? - Google SEO Share

If you are a beginner and do not know how you could start your blog, then this is for you. In here, I will discuss about how you can make a blog. What are the requirements to make a blog, how you can sustain your blog, what content on post you can put to your blog, and what are the things that you should avoid for your blog.

  1. Your blog post content should not be the same as other - In writng a post of your blog, make sure that the content of post you're writing is unique. Unique in a sense that every words you type in should not match to the content of other blogs and have different idea on how you could explain some specific topic than other blog. For example, there are two cooking recipes. the first recipe is about how to make a siomai and the second is another siomai recipe. they have the same topic and procedures but these two used a different ingredients in making a siomai. that is what we called unique.
  2. Your blog post content should be Interesting or Relevant - Blog post should be interesting to the eyes of your readers or related to what they are searching for so they always keep coming back to your site and keep reading your articles/blog posts. 
  3. Your blog post content should be easy to read - Your blog post must be easy to read like just make your post simple and easy to understand by readers. Do not make your post complicated like writing a deep words that other people couldn't understand. If you want to put a deep word, you should define what is that word so other people will understand.
  4. Your blog post must be related to the title of your blog - If the title of your blog is about tourist spots in your country but your post is about tourist spots on the other country, that is not related to the title of your blog.You should make a post about the tourist spots in your country and not from the other country. If you want to make a post different to your blog title, your title must be something searchable and interesting to make visitors click on your blog but it is likely to have your post related to the title of your blog.
  5. Your blog should have a 300 words or more per post - A blog with less than 300 words is not informative than blog with 300 or more words in each posts. Because it gives a very clear detail to the readers. To check how many words your blog post contain, you can use the Word Count Tool. You can find it on Google just type "word count tool" in the search box of search engines or you could use our word counting tool here.
  6. Your blog should have many blog posts - It is needed to have many posts so your visitors(readers) can read more articles in your blog. 
  7. Your blog should be searchable in search engines - A blog with many posts but no visitors is worthless. Your blog should have keywords which is searching by most internet users and it should also be related to the niche of your blog so you can be safe.
These are all the things that you should remember in making a blog. I hope this guide helps you much.

Happy SEO everyone!

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