Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pinging Sites - Google SEO Share

In here, I am going to talk about the pinging sites. How can this help me improve my SEO? Is it important to ping my blog or website? And how can I use pinging sites for my blog or websites? Well, pinging sites can help you get into the search. It cannot increase your rank instantly but it is a good thing that you use them in your SEO because pinging sites are sites that gives signal to the search engines about your sites if you have any update or changes made to your blog or site so the search engines will be notify and crawl to your blog or site to get some latest information from your page.

In some blogs like Wordpress, pinging sites are not needed because they already have an auto pinger built with in their package. If you're using Wordpress then, you don't have to go to some pinging sites just to make a ping for your blog. If you are using a blog like blogspot or other blog that don't have any autopinger built with it then, its necessary for you to go to Pinging Sites and make a ping for your blog.

Pinging sites are important in SEO. With this, search engines could get a notice of your site and your site can be put on the result page when your keywords are typed in the search box of the search engines. Without this, even if you type the keywords you had chose for your blog in the search box of search engines, your site will not appear in the search result page.

In here below, are some list of pinging sites which you can use to ping your blog or site. Just put the link of your site or blog on the textbox or textarea and click the submit button of these pinging sites:
There are lots of pinging sites you can find in the internet other than those sites I specify above. You just have to search on the search engines for a pinging site that you want to use for your blog to ping in.

Now, we're done with the list of pinging sites and here are some guide for using pinging sites so you could use it in your SEO properly.

Just pick one pinging site for your blog - In pinging your site, you have to pick which pinging site you can use for your SEO. Do not ping your site to different pinging sites because all of pinging sites have the same process in giving signals to the search engines and it doesn't look nice for your SEO. Just one pinging site is enough to ping your site.

Do not ping your site twice or many times - Pinging your site twice or more can over optimize your page and could give you a flag by the search engines. Just ping your blog once per day and that's fine for the search engines to notice your blog.

That's all for now. I hope you get an idea of what pinging sites are and how you can use it for your SEO.
Happy SEO Everyone!

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