Sunday, June 3, 2012

Why SEO? - Google SEO Share

Have you ever wonder why you are doing SEO? or why others are doing SEO? Is it important to do SEO? For others, they do SEO for popularity which is also right but let me get it straight to the point. Well, as you can see, we are doing SEO to earn money. You will never do this kind of stuff if there's no income you can get from it right? But the only problem is how can we produce income with SEO?

You can get an income from SEO by the help of ad selling sites. Ad selling sites are sites that sells ads to have an income for the traffic your site gives to them. There are many sites that sells ads and those are listed below:
  1. Google Adsense - This is the great ad selling site among all sites in the internet. This is the most trusted ad seller for advertisers because of the policy they implemented for the publishers. It gives lots of income for publishers. Many people want to have an account from Adsense but only those who have meet their requirements and standards can have an account from them. You can earn from this program if you know how to do SEO. This is the most strict yet the most legit ad selling site in the world wide web. It is easy to get an Adsense account on blogs than other sites because they don't require to many requirements. But they are also strict in approving account on the blogs. Based from what I heard, if you want to get approved in Google Adsense, you must meet their requirements in order to have an account and those are listed below:
    • Quality content.
    • Content must not contain any adult.
    • Content must not be related to "how to make money online", PTC-sites, PTC-blogs or other incentive to click sites.
    • Blog with at least 15 articles or blog posts.
    • The blog must be 5-6 months old.
    • Original content and not copied from other sites or blogs.
  2. Infolinks - This ad selling site is like Adsense but not very strict as Adsense does. They will just require you to put many words/texts on your articles/blogpost for them to let you be approved and put their ads on your site. If you want to get an account with Infolinks and you're using a blog, I have a guide here. You just have to follow these guide that is listed below:
    • Your blog must have three or more blogposts/articles on it.
    • Your blog must have words with at least three-hundred or more words in each of your articles/blog posts.
    • Quality content.
    • Original content.
    Don't assume that this guide could really help you get an account with Infolinks but this is the things that I did to make Infolinks approve my account.
  3. Chitika - In this type of ad-selling site, you don't need much text and articles in your content. All they need is the traffic your site is receiving so they could put their ads on your site to let you earn income and determine which type of account they will give you for the traffic your site or blog has. Be it Gold, Silver or Bronze type of account. 
There are so many ad selling site than those three I specified above. But the most trusted so far and most recommended is Google Adsense. Because Google Adsense is a well established company and it was lauched on 2003.

That's all for now. I hope you this had give you a clear explanation about SEO.
Happy SEO everyone!

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