Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Exact Match Domain - Google SEO Share

Have you ever wonder why when you are typing the name of some sites in the search box, it appears in the list of suggestions in the search engines but when you type the name of your site's domain, it doesn't appear in the list of suggestions of Google search and other search engines? Are you also wondering why the other sites' domain name turns into keywords and they are put on the suggestions list of search engines? Those sites with keyword in their domains are called the Exact Match Domain.

What is Exact Match Domain? Well, this are domains that has keywords on its name. If you have a domain like this, you are lucky because these domains are good advantage when you do SEO. But it will be a hard thing to get a domain like this because you have to do lots of keyword research to get a domain which will fit in your taste. But it's worth doing when you got this domains.

If you want to get an Exact Match Domain you like, like I said before, you have to do lots keyword researching, then use the main keyword you researched as the domain name for your site you want to register. But if you want to make your own keyword like other site's that shows their name in the keyword suggestion, you still have to do a keyword research and make the information that you will give relevant to the readers so that they will just remember the name of your site and type it in the search box of the search engines to keep them returning on your site.

That's all for now. I hope you know now what is an exact match domain and how to get one for your own.
Happy SEO everyone!

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