Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What is Page Rank in SEO? - Google SEO Share

In here, I'm going to talk about the page rank. What it is? Why is it important in SEO? And what can it do for your blog or site?

Many people are asking what page rank is, why they need to know about it and how page rank can affect the condition of their site for SEO. Well, base on what I heard, page rank is not related on how you can see the place of your site in Google Search Engine Results Page(SERP). It's not also on how many articles you made are in the search engine result page. It is in how popular is your site or blogs for the searchers. Page rank is determined on the amount of traffic or how many visitors visited your blog or site has and how relevant the is the content of it for the users. It is important in SEO because it is used to measure the popularity of a certain blog or site.

In Google, they give rankings to the site from 0-10. The highest page rank in Google is 10 which means that the site with this page rank has the highest amount of traffic and is the most visited site by many users and searchers in the world wide web and 0 rank meaning a site with this rank is the poorest or no visitors are looking in that site and has lowest or no amount of traffic is going to that site.

If you like to check the page rank of other sites where you want to put your backlinks, you can use the Firefox adds-on called SEOquake. You can get one at their site With that adds-on, you can see the Google page rank, Alexa rank, the age of the site and many more.

That's all for now. I hope that you get some idea of what page rank is for the search engines and how you could determine the condition of your site with page rank.
Happy SEO everyone!

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