Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sitemap and RSS Feeds - Google SEO Share

In here, I'm going to talk about what Sitemap and RSS Feeds are, what are their use for your weblog, and how you could get these for your blog or site.

At first, I would like to clarify what Sitemaps and RSS Feeds are. Well, Sitemaps, base from what I read is the structures or menus of a website/weblog that is crawled by the search engines' robots(also by Google bot). Sitemaps are the basic and important things that a website/blog owner must do because it helps them to let the search engine's crawler to crawl on the parts of their website and put it in the search engine's index. And the RSS Feeds are the ways to move or let other users to read your site's content even they are not visiting your website/blog. Sometimes, RSS Feeds are used by bloggers to copy the content and post it to the other blogs automatically. Every time you post a content, it will be automatically post in the blogger's blog also. If you edit some content in your post, there will be also a changes in the content of the user who copied your content. RSS Feeds are not given too much attention by the blogger's. But these are useful for blogs or sites.

If you want to have a sitemap and you are using a blog like blogspot, you don't have to worry looking for sitemap for this because blospot have already a sitemap built within this blog and you can submit that to the Google Web Master Tool to be crawled by the search engine's crawlers. To submit your sitemap, go to Google Web Master Tool then click on the blog you submitted to GWMT, click on the "Sitemaps" button next to "Search Queries" button, then click on the "ADD/TEST SITEMAP" button and put the sitemap of your site. The URL of blogspot's sitemap is something like this:

Ex: http://blogname.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

Just add the "/feeds/posts/default" to the URL of your blog just like in the example above. Then after you put your sitemap's URL, press submit. Do not submit multiple sitemaps for your blog. If you are not using blogspot blog, then you can generate your own sitemap for your site. You can generate your sitemap in xml-sitemaps. Just put the URL of your site there and generate and press start. After you get the generated sitemap, upload it on the root directory where you host your site. I would recommend you to submit one sitemap per blog or site because based from my experience, it makes search engines confused which sitemap will they crawl and it makes them slow down of getting the index of your sitemap. That's why one is enough to let the search engine bots crawl your sitemap easily.

Blogspot also have an RSS Feeds. To find your blogger's RSS Feeds, the sitemap you used there is also the RSS Feeds of this blog. So you wont have to get those two because of that.

That's all for now. I hope you learn of what Sitemap and RSS Feeds are and what are their role for your blog/website.
Happy SEO Everyone!

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