Thursday, May 24, 2012

What is Google Penguin? - Google SEO Share

In here, I will discuss about Google Penguin Update. On what it is, what can this do to your SEO, and why this was created by Google.

Base on what I read and heard about this is that Google Penguin Update is how Google react and punishes websites that are practicing not good habit in link building which called Blackhat. It sees your link profile or Backlinks and analyzes the amount of time you attain those links, then it flags or penalize your site if you're practicing Blackhat stuff. Example, on the first day, you have five links, on the seventh day, you gain ten thousand links. These are the patterns Google Algo are looking at.

A lot of factors to look at a site profile. The amount of links or Time Frame Frequency you gather the links either from:

  1. Article Blasting - using automated software to submit your articles to other sites. One example of this is the Article Post Robot Software which is used to make link the article created to other site which is considered as Blackhat practicing.
  2. Commenting Blasting - using automated software(Blackhat)
  3. Blogroll buying 
  4. Submitting articles to a questionable sites or linking with bad neighbor (linking to penalized sites) and so much more.
The previous algorithm of this update was improved to reduce the web spam and promote the high quality content. Web spam is a technique that don't give relevance to what users are searching for. One of this technique is Keyword Stuffing. Keyword Stuffing is like putting a highly rich/high quality keywords on your site just to gain huge amount of traffic. Another is placing a keyword that is not related to the niche of your blog.

It is good to make a quality content that is related to your niche and its not consider as Web Spam and it is a best practice in doing SEO. You just have to make sure that your content in each of your page in blog is saying something useful, interesting and unique for your readers to be safe. 

That's all for now. I hope you have gotten an idea about what Google Penguin is.
Happy SEO everyone! 

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